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The committee had talked of getting police officers sensitized to this sort of crime, of working closely – police, social workers and the business community to do something about these horrendous cases. Some of that may be seen now in police and judges responses to reports of these crimes.
The businessman charged in the recent ‘father and son’ case of abuse against a relative must have been in his early twenties, and his young son a mere tot when that video was made.
Something has happened to this place, something that has eroded the societal values that most people used to subscribe to. We seem to have gone from aberration to something closer to standard procedure. A frightening situation if ever there was one. In Central, the number of mandirs, temples and churches seem almost to rival the number of houses. Yet, the morality of no sexual tampering with your daughters (The Shattered Lives Case), and not having intimate relations with children seem to stand entirely outside the religious experience.
It is troubling also, that in this section of the country, people seem to know what is going on, and hardly do anything about it, until a glaring case that cannot be ignored hits the headlines. Central is also the place where the Santa Maria Hotel is operated. The owner was charged with bringing in prostitutes from Venezuela for the satisfaction of his customers. The women were just deported. All the men who patronize the place must have known this. Such a place can adversely affect the moral climate of the whole area.
This is not to say that all the recent sex crimes in Central stem from the hotel being there, but certainly it seems to me, that the moral climate has shifted somewhat; has shifted all over the nation, and the world, but Central seems at the weakest point of the fault line. Houses of prostitution, whorehouses, do affect a neighbourhood adversely. Men staggering away from those places could cause decent people to bolt their doors and make sure their daughters are inside. The neighbourhood goes downhill.
So that a teacher in Central is now a fugitive for fondling a six year old, and he was reported to be hiding out at a relative’s house. What does that say about the relative? (The Unabomber’s brother turned him in – USA, a mother who realized that her son had filed a false robbery and kidnapping report, turned him in – San Fernando.) A father and son are charged with jointly using A REALTIVE as a prostitute since she was twelve years old, and Amy’s mother is charged along with her stepfather of sexually abusing a four year old. Add the child prostitute, aged five, being sold by her mother daily in the village, and its time, I think that such stalwarts of sociological analysis in the community as Mary King and Selwyn Ryan, should take up residence in Central, and, armed with support from the Social Welfare Ministry and students from UWI’s sociology classes, attempt to find out just why there is what seems like an epidemic of child sexual abuse in the belly of the country. We sometimes spend a lot of time talking about Caricom and Guyana, while the rice basket of the country, with its newer sources of excess wealth, is going to hell, along with the innocence of our daughters.

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If you’re hoping for some wild nights in the Caribbean, Trinidad has everything you can ask for. Trinidad entertainment/nightlife/lifestyle is unforgettable, and just waiting for you to add your own flair to the fun. Here are a few stops to consider on your tour of entertainment/nightlife/lifestyle in Trinidad.
Nuvosera is a new addition to the Trinidad nightlife scene, but that freshness is part of what makes it so hot. Hit the dance floor and party out under the lights, or take a break under a bamboo fan for a tasty snack and some tropical drinks.
As you might guess, this little spot is for wine lovers, as what was once just a wine store has become a great wine bar, with some of the tastiest sushi in the Caribbean to enjoy with your favorite bottle of over 200 wine selections.
51 degrees doesn’t sound too hot too Americans, but if you’re on the Celsius scale, it’s pretty steamy, and so is this lounge, which is a serious club scene with a dress code and a velvet rope. If you’re ready for some hardcore Caribbean nightclubbing, this is most definitely the place you want to be.
Trinidad and Tobago is a nation consisting primarily of two Caribbean islands just off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. The country is the most industrialised and one of the most prosperous in the Caribbean. Overall, tourism is not a major industry (though the island of Tobago has proportionally more), leaving the islands replete with natural unspoiled beauty not found in most other Caribbean countries.
The islands were first inhabited by Arawak and Carib people, who settled here from the South American mainland, and whose descendants make up a small minority of the population. Trinidad was discovered by Christopher Columbus, who claimed it for Spain.The Spaniards brought their diseases but the Arawaks and Caribs were not used to their diseases so some soon died out. Under Spanish rule, large numbers of French settlers established cocoa plantations in Trinidad and imported slaves to work them. The British seized the island in 1798, and abolished slavery. To make up for the labor shortage the government encouraged heavy immigration from countries such as Portugal, France, Germany, China, and most importantly India. Trinidad was united with Tobago in the 1880’s. Throughout the early 1900’s the country welcomed thousands of mostly black immigrants from other Caribbean countries, as well as Venezuela and Colombia. Following World War II, TT was combined with various other British Caribbean countries into the West Indies Federation, but the different countries could not get along and the federation soon collapsed. TT eventually achieved complete independence on August 31, 1962. Throughout the sixties and seventies, the country prospered thanks to large deposits of oil and natural gas, becoming the wealthiest nation in the Caribbean. However, in the late eighties, oil prices dropped significantly, causing a major economic meltdown. Thousands of Trinidadians left the country at this time, in search of better opportunities elsewhere. Throughout the 90’s and 2000’s the country recovered dramatically and it continues to improve today.

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