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Steamer KATONG (1461grt) was sunk by Japanese bombing four miles from Bar Light Vessel, Palembang. Only five crew members were rescued.
Steamer CITY OF CANTERBURY (8331grt) and French liner FELIX ROUSSEL (17,083grt) of convoy BM.12 received extensive superficial damage and casualties from Japanese bombing in Banka Strait.
Steamer LOCH RANZA (4958grt) was sunk by Japanese bombing at 00-37N, 104-14E. Of a crew of fifty, including nine gunners, and four RAF passengers, five crew were killed. The survivors were taken to Palembang in steamer SUBADOR (5424grt). One crewman and one gunner died later, and two crew were taken prisoner.
Tanker PINNA (6121grt) was damaged by Japanese bombing at 00-52S, 104-19E, attacked again the next day, run aground and abandoned. Of 51 crew and two passengers, 20 crew were killed and 23 crew and two passengers taken to Palembang by steamer SUBADOR, and later made prisoners of war.
Australian minesweepers TOOWOOMBA and BALLARAT and auxiliary minesweeper GEMMA, en route from Singapore to Palembang, went to the assistance of the two British ships.
Steamer MADURA (9032grt) was damaged by Japanese bombing in the Dutch East Indies .
Japanese submarine I.62 damaged tanker SPONDILUS (7402grt) in 6-16N, 79-38E, which in turn claimed to have damaged the submarine with gunfire, but no damage was found. Sloop FALMOUTH and armed patrol whaler OKAPI searched for the submarine without success.
Wednesday, 4 February.
Destroyers FAULKNOR (D.8) and INTREPID departed Seidisfjord to rendezvous with combined convoys PQ.9 and PQ.10 of steamers ATLANTIC (5414grt), EMPIRE SELWYN (7167grt), Russian IJORA (2815grt), Russian REVOLUTSIONER (2900grt), TREVORIAN (4599grt), Panamanian EL LAGO (4221grt), Russian FRIEDRICH ENGELS (3972grt), Norwegian NOREG (7605grt), Russian TBILISI (7169grt), and American WEST NOHNO (5769grt) and join light cruiser NIGERIA as ocean escort to Murmansk.
Minesweepers BRITOMART and SHARPSHOOTER joined the escort on the 7th.
Destroyer PAKENHAM (D.12) departed the Tyne at 0945, and after carrying out trials, proceeded to Methil for the night.
Minesweeper HEBE departed Scapa Flow at 2100 to refit at Immingham, where she arrived at 1000/6th.
U.751 sank steamer SILVERAY (4535grt) in 43-54N, 64-16W. Of a crew of 49 and nine gunners, seven crew and one gunner were lost.
U.103 sank Panamanian steamer SAN GIL (3627grt) in 38-05N, 74-40W. Of a crew of 41 and one passenger, two were lost. The survivors were rescued by US Coast Guard cutter NIKE.
British steam trawler AQUARIUS (187grt) was damaged by German bombing five miles east by north of Aberdeen.
Destroyers JERVIS, JAGUAR, KELVIN, LANCE, GRIFFIN, HERO, ARROW and HAVOCK departed Alexandria at 1700 for an anti-submarine sweep to the westward in conjunction with ASV Swordfish and Wellington aircraft maintaining an anti-submarine patrol five miles ahead in Operation MBD.4.
U.561 had been attacked by aircraft twice early on the 4th in 32-00N, 25-50E.
Destroyers HEYTHROP and HURWORTH departed Alexandria with the destroyers and were detached off Tobruk to escort a convoy to Alexandria.
U.561 attacked a steamer east of Sidi Barrani.
Escort destroyer BEAUFORT arrived at Aden from the United Kingdom and sailed for Alexandria.
Polish troopships BATORY and SOBIESKI arrived at Gibraltar, escorted by British destroyers LIGHTNING, WIVERN, ACTIVE and ANTHONY.
Convoy SC.68 departed Halifax escorted by covettes LUNENBURG, THE PAS and minesweepers CLAYOQUOT and RED DEER. The escorts detached on the 7th when the convoy was joined by destroyer BURWELL and corvettes CHICOUTIMI , MATAPEDIA, NANAIMO, NASTURTIUM and SUDBURY. CHICOUTIMI detached later that day, while BURWELL, MATAPEDIA, NANAIMO and NASTUTIUM detached on the 16th. The convoy was joined on the 16th by destroyer BOADICEA and corvettes HEATHER, LOBELIA, and NARCISSUS. Corvette SUDBURY detached on the 17th and anti-submarine whaler BODO joined on the 20th, arriving with the convoy at Liverpool on the 20th.
French submarine SURCOUF arrived at Bermuda from Halifax to embark personnel and charts, before sailing on the 12th for Tahiti, via the Panama Canal.
American heavy cruiser HOUSTON and light cruiser MARBLEHEAD were damaged by Japanese bombing in Madoera Strait, Borneo, in 7-23S, 117-47E. They were in a force with Dutch cruisers DE RUYTER, TROMP, American destroyers BULMER, STEWART, JOHN D EDWARDS, BARKER, and Dutch destroyers VAN GHENT, PIET HEIN and BANCKERT.
HOUSTON was struck by a bomb near number three turret. Shrapnel penetrated the turret and set off an explosion. Warrant Officer J B Bienert, LT G E Davis Jr and forty three enlisted men were killed. Twenty enlisted men were wounded with three dying of wounds.
On MARBLEHEAD , LT E M Blessman and twelve enlisted men were killed. Chief Warrant Officer H M Andersen, Ensign C H Coburn Jr, LT (jg) W H Cranford, CDR W B Goggins, LT A A Goodhue, LCDR M Smellow and eighty seven enlisted men were wounded. Four enlisted men later died of wounds.
Dutch cruiser DE RUYTER was damaged by near misses which put her anti-aircraft fire control out of action.

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