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People who were in their teens/20s/30s are now in their 40s/50s/60s. This should explain why they are asking you whether you are a prostitute. I’m sure the industry is still ongoing and hard to get rid of, and those worthless Korean men are still living 80s in their mind. Globalization and accepting different cultures are not at their interest, and they only desire what they used to have: Russian prostitutes. As a Korean guy (’91), I think of them as trash and absolutely show no respect for them whatsoever. I can’t even imagine what will happen to those guys if I ever witness that when I visit Korea this summer.
Like you said, just brush it off if you ever encounter stuff like this again in future and don’t mind them. Just don’t get into fight; I’m sure you know by now that police can’t do much if the man says he thought you were a prostitute because of you are a blonde… Police in Korea are powerless. *sigh.
I just wish a safe trip to anyone who might be thinking of going to Korea!
Thanks for reading! I agree, I think it’s best to brush it off. No reason to get worked up just ignore them and walk away!
Hi there. I am Korean. I enjoyed your journal. First of all I have never heard Russian represents prostitute.
I want say image of Russia is like country of beauty(Ucr is as well) It is kinds of stereotype that Russian has small face that Korean prefers and slim long legs. Probably I guess your outfit looks so therefore the people asked you your nationality probably thought you are very pretty like ideal type of Russian. I think you do not need to worry about that. It is compliment!
Hello, thanks for reading! Interesting you hadn’t heard that, the Korean ladies I worked with all thought what I thought–that they were asking not just out of curiosity! Either way, I was just more perplexed than anything, not angry.
Hi. I’m Russian and i’m traveling in Korea now with my girlfriend (she is also Russian). And really good impression of visiting korea becoming bad because that stupid questions from korean old-guys. Dear Koreans, please, take a note that its not appropriate to be a prostitute in Russia. And it’s a permanent shame for all family if girl become a prostitute.
I’m sad you’re having that same experience — it’s a weird stereotype and I don’t know if the men asking about it realize just how insulting it is!
what does a Russian prostitute look like?
I can’t say I blame them for thinking that way, there has never been a holiday place in any part of the planet I have been to without Russian or Eastern European hookers. I saw Russian hookers in South Africa servicing the local population for feck sake.
Thailand is full of them competing with the local Thai women.
I have no idea…I just thought it was especially weird that when I was asked I was wearing such normal clothes, nothing sexy. One time I was in a hoodie and jeans! So weird.
I’ve jus found your blog and have been browsing through it for a couple of hours already and now I found this post.
I wasn’t sure if it’s okay to comment or not on this particular one but I decided to do it anyway ^^
I am a Russian girl who have been leaving/studying in Korea for 3 years already and this is why (I guess) I got so surprised to find this post.
Yes this is not a secret to me that there is a stereotype about Russian women (and I’m aware that some of them may be prostitutes), although I have never seen one here in Korea ??
Being a Russian, I ge to bet asked that question every once in a while (by both men and women), but not even once was I asked if I was Russian meaning a prostitute..
And every time I answer yes, they all just get very excited and start saying something like “I like vodka!/your country is very big!” Or asking questions about cold winters in Siberia (like I have an idea)), or even show off their skills and immediately say “Privet!” to me in Russian which means “Hello”.
Sometimes these are people who studied there and they get very excited and start talking to me about their time on Moscow..
All I meant to say is that maybe they only wanted to talk to you and nobody of them was being rude or thinking you were a prostitute))
I was never in my life (in any country I visited) thought to be a prostitute just because I looked Russian ^^
Mostly people just seem to be very straightforward (especially ajussi) and think that it is vital for you to hear out everything they have to say about Russia))
PS: sorry for my typos and autocorrect nonsense.. ^^
Hi, I coincidently read your diary, And I’m sorry that you’ve experienced those things. I don’t know who talked like that, but I feel shame. I’m also korean, and just want to say, those guys are low educated and pervert…
Hope you don’t have bad experience anymore. have a good day)
Thanks for reading! Don’t feel bad, I know it was just some ignorant people. Overall, I had a wonderful time in Korea and found Korean people to be very kind.

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