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"I Will" centres adopt a model of both online and offline interactions. There is the online evaluation form of Internet addiction. If you doubt whether you are addicted to the Internet, you can take an online evaluation. "I Will" centres have a team to caution against and eliminate Internet addiction. This team consists of 180 experts and more than 30 professional lecturers who go to schools and communities to provide consultancy and guidance.
After six-year development based on "I Will" centres, Seoul has established an Internet-addiction Elimination Network consisting of homes, schools and communities.
Seoul launched the “S.H.E.” programme in order to prevent teenage girls from falling into prostitution.
Seoul youth prostitution prevention programme is also named the “S.H.E.” programme. After six-year development, “S.H.E.” has established a complete community network to save teenage girls from prostitution. In Seoul, 25 community shelters and 5 Self-Empowerment Schools have been built since 2012, providing teenage girls with over 30 kinds of vocational training. Every year, Seoul creates 1500 temporary or public welfare jobs for affected girls to make a living in society.
Community shelters are their home.
All of the shelters offer food and help from social workers. Teenage girls who suffer from domestic violence and criminal assault are provided with medical care. In most cases, the doctors come to the shelter for medical treatment and those who have suffered severe trauma and injury are sent to the hospital for comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Since September 2013, a health center has been built in every shelter to guard the privacy of teenage girls and all of the doctors are chosen from professional gynecology hospitals.
If the teenage girls who have been raped or are even pregnant do not go to the shelters, the social workers will contact the medical care team to offer regular or periodic physical examinations and teach them basic knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases.
Self-Empowerment School gives teenage girls a second life.
In 2009, Seoul opened the country’s first Self-Empowerment School where homeless girls can have free vocational training. Self-Empowerment School is very similar to Chinese vocational school and the classroom is like an actual workshop. About 100 runaway girls successfully find a job every year after the training. In the last six years, the number of training projects available in Self-Empowerment School increased from 10 to over 30. The most popular projects include coffee making, hairdressing, baking and social welfare jobs, such as social workers and volunteers. All the girls attending Self-Empowerment Schools also benefit from the internship last for one or two month after completing the vocational training.
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In South Korea of course.
My Observations of Conscripts and Women.
In the Army, I’ve had plenty of exposure to the behaviors and sometimes thoughts of hundreds of mostly 20-something Korean men. I guess you can’t help it if you live with them 24/7. One of the more interesting observations was the relationship between Korean guys and sex/women. Of course people are people and everybody is different in someway. Not everybody is like how I’ll describe. But this experience also opened my eyes to some tendencies and general mentality of people as well. Things like.
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Prostitution is Kind of. Normal.
I don’t mean guys would sell their bodies on base. That’d be disgusting. What I meant was that going to visit prostitutes while on leave is normal. This probably applies to civilians as well. According to this article , 4 out of 10 Korean men have visited prostitutes last year. I can’t find the article, but I also remember reading how a large portion of Korean men lose their virginity to prostitutes, especially during military service. Prostitution is a hidden yet an important part of Korean society. However, I never really knew how prevalent it was.
It wasn’t uncommon to hear guys talk about the brothel they visited after returning from leave or discuss which ones they should visit before leave. What was interesting to me was how nonchalantly the matter was discussed. It wasn’t some secret or an act they’re ashamed of; it was rather normal. It was just something you did since you’re a guy. Some guys would ask me if I ever went to one, and when I’d answer no, they would act mildly surprised.
While I’m not against prostitution myself (I think it should be legalized), it was and is still technically illegal in this country and soldiers doing illegal shit isn’t something the military wants. Our commander would form us up and hold regular lectures on the dangers of prostitution. One of my COs informed us of the risk of diseases and the illegality of it. But knowing how prevalent it is, he concluded, “If you’re going to pay for sex, don’t use your card since it can get traced back to you!”

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