10 Sex Tips to Spice Things Up—Girls

10 Sex Tips to Spice Things Up

10 Sex Tips to Spice Things Up

Tired of the same thing every night? Maybe you’re just looking for some advice to help spice up your sex life. Well, we have 10 sexy no fail suggestions to point you in the right direction.

1. Get her wet








There’s no better way to get a hot steamy night started than getting all wet and slippery together.

2. Lick it like a lollipop

If you aren’t already  thinking of your tongue as a sexual organ START! If you can’t figure out how on your own we promise she won’t mind giving you some tips.

3. Finger licking good time






We’re going to tell you a secret… you ready? Most girls like to touch themselves and LOVE to watch you watching them!  Feel free to ask her for a helping hand.

4. Tag! You’re it!









Don’t get stuck in your normal roles. While you may normally be the dominant one in the bedroom, sometimes she may want to take control…so let her! The same goes for you submissive guys out there!

5. Get dirty






Speaking of switching things up, don’t get stuck in the bedroom! Not only do women love spontaneity, but they can get bored of the bedroom too. We do suggest a little planning; maybe bring a blanket!

6. Every room counts






Spontaneity isn’t exclusive to outdoor sexual exploits. Remember, there are other rooms in your house that can be just as exciting! Spice things up in the kitchen, or stretch out on the rug in the living room. Just don’t forget to clean up!

7. All hands on deck






There’s nothing like a nice, sensual massage to get things going. Just don’t forget, sometimes giving is a good as getting, so let those hands roam her body and watch her heat right up.

8. Ice Ice Baby






Ironically enough, there’s nothing like a little ice to heat things up in the bedroom. Try rubbing some on your partner tonight, and watch as it gets her juices flowing.  And don’t forget your hands are the not only way to apply the ice; add in a hot breath or two and enjoy her reaction to the temperature changes.

9. Grin and Bear It






We all know it’s torture to sit through one of those sappy rom/coms she loves so much, but believe me, if you’re willing to hand over the reins and let her get her way on the movie selection, you’ll show her a softer side that will most definitely be rewarded.

10. Baby you’re so classic








Times may have changed, but there’s nothing like a shout out to the classics. Put on a roaring fire and sprawl out with some champagne, light up some candles and lay out some rose petals on the floor, or even park the car at a romantic outlook for a heated make out session. Either way, she’s sure to respond to your throw back with a few classic moves of her own.